Biggest Car Collection in the World
Biggest Car Collection in the World

Biggest Car Collection in the World

June 26, 2024

Let’s take a journey to Brunei, a small country in Southeast Asia that borders Malaysia. Brunei has a small population and strict immigration laws, which help its people live peacefully. The country also boasts a high GDP per capita of $60,000.

One of the most fascinating facts about Brunei is that it is home to the world’s largest car collection, owned by its ruler, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. The Sultan is a renowned car enthusiast with over 5,000 cars in his collection, worth a staggering $2.3 trillion.

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There are rich people, and then there are those who are incredibly wealthy. Not everyone knows how to spend their money wisely, but the Sultan of Brunei certainly does. He is known for his extravagant spending, like getting a $21,000 haircut without a second thought. His wealth comes from oil and natural gas reserves, making his country financially strong and safe. Citizens don’t have to pay taxes.

The Sultan has a collection of over 5,000 cars from various makers, models, and eras. His impressive collection makes other car enthusiasts jealous. While many heads of state have special cars, none can match the Sultan of Brunei’s extensive collection.

Sultan of Brunei car collection

The Sultan of Brunei is famous for having the world’s largest car collection, with around 7,000 cars. His younger brother, Prince Jefri, shares this passion and loves to collect brands like Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, and Ferrari.

The Sultan’s collection includes not only luxury and supercars but also special limited edition versions of these models. He even has many unique models created just for himself or for display. Let’s dive into the details of what cars are in the Sultan’s impressive collection.

Ferrari Mythos

Ferrari Mythos

Ferrari originally launched the Mythos as a concept car, and only three were ever made. The first one is still owned by the Pininfarina design unit. The other two were sold to the Sultan of Brunei, though like many of his cars, they were never used.

The Ferrari Mythos has a mid-engine and rear-wheel drive, showcasing Ferrari’s ability to produce various models. While it was a dream car for racing enthusiasts, it was not available to the public. The Mythos could reach speeds of up to 290 km/h, and the Sultan had two custom-made for himself.

24-Carat Gold Plated Rolls Royce

24-Carat Gold Plated Rolls Royce

Loving custom cars reached a whole new level with this one. On his wedding day, the Sultan arrived in a Rolls Royce Silver Spur II stretch limousine. But for someone living in a palace as big as 2 million square feet, that wasn’t enough. He had the entire car covered in 24-carat gold, costing $14 million, to make it truly royal. To learn more about the Sultan’s other expensive cars, we suggest looking them up online for the best information.

Rolls Royce Phantom VI

Rolls Royce Phantom VI

Nearly 100 years since the Phantom name was attached to the Rolls-Royce brand, this model is still a symbol of super-luxury cars.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom was available only by special order until the early 1990s. It took around 800 hours to make the body of this luxurious car. Even the British Monarch was a customer. The Sultan of Brunei went even further and had two custom-built Phantoms, with redesigned boots to look like the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. These cars are now part of the Sultan’s vast private collection.

Here are some features and unique aspects of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VI:

  1. Launched in 1968 with a 6230cc V8 engine and a four-speed automatic transmission.
  2. In 1978, it was upgraded to a 6750cc V8 engine with a three-speed automatic transmission.
  3. The Phantom VI, based on the Phantom V, had a redesigned exterior and interior but used an engine from the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow.
  4. Most of the bodywork was done by Mulliner Park Ward, typically in a limousine style, though some landaulets (cars with semi-roofs) and at least two convertibles were made. The convertibles, one with two doors and the other with four, were built by Frua of Italy.
  5. The Phantom VI is the last car with a separate chassis.

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