India Can Thrive Without Tesla, But Tesla Needs India
India Can Thrive Without Tesla, But Tesla Needs India

India Can Thrive Without Tesla, But Tesla Needs India

June 22, 2024

India’s Automotive Market and Chinese Influence

A significant portion of India’s automotive imports, around USD 20 billion (approximately Rs 1.65 lakh crore), comes from China. This growing trend is reflective of China’s strategic interest in the Indian market, especially in the realm of electric mobility.

Historical Context and Current Developments

The term “Chinaman” used in cricket for left-arm wrist spinners symbolized guile and strategy, traits that can be likened to China’s approach in entering the Indian automotive market. The recent Indo-Chinese joint venture (JV) between JSW and MG is a testament to this strategy. Such partnerships are seen as a gateway for China to gradually establish a strong foothold in India.

The Strategic Entry of Chinese Companies

Chinese companies view India not as a fragmented market but as a vast opportunity for electric mobility. They are focusing on components, technology, vehicles, and charging infrastructure. Even if companies like BYD take a backseat, component manufacturers and tech companies can still thrive through partnerships like JSW-MG.

India’s Electric Vehicle Ambitions

India aims to boost electric mobility, with projections indicating that 30% of all vehicles sold by 2030 will be electric. Currently, one-third of India’s automotive imports are Chinese, a figure that is likely to increase given China’s dominance in battery production, controlling over 70% of the global supply.

The Inevitable Chinese Presence

Despite many attempts to avoid Chinese influence, their presence in India’s automotive sector is still inevitable. They will comply with Indian regulations, transferring technology similarly to how the Soviet Union did in the past. JSW’s chairman acknowledged China as a crucial source of research and development (R&D) and technology.

The Future of India-China Automotive Collaboration

As Chinese technology and products tailored for Indian tastes enter the market, this collaboration will likely thrive. This blend of Chinese innovation and Indian manufacturing will benefit consumers, bringing advanced technologies to the local market.

Five Tesla Features India Does Not Need

Tesla, known for its revolutionary electric vehicles (EVs), is set to enter the Indian market. While Tesla EVs are celebrated for their design, performance, and range, not all their features are suitable for Indian conditions.

Here are five features Tesla cars in India can do without:

  1. Tesla AutoPilot System: – Tesla’s AutoPilot system, which offers autonomous driving capabilities, may not be practical in India. The dynamic and often chaotic driving conditions, coupled with diverse vehicle types and pedestrians, pose significant challenges for such technology.
  2. Tesla Ludicrous Mode: – Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode, enhancing acceleration for rapid performance, is unnecessary in India. The country’s driving conditions and legal limitations make it impractical for regular use, better suited for controlled environments like racetracks.
  3. Tesla In-Car Gaming: – While Tesla’s in-car gaming feature adds entertainment value, it can be a distraction in India, which has a high rate of road accidents. Safety concerns outweigh the novelty of this feature.
  4. Tesla Fart Mode: – The gimmicky Tesla Fart Mode, while unique, is not essential. Given the high noise levels in Indian cities, this feature would add little value and might be more of a nuisance.
  5. Tesla Smart Summon: – Tesla’s Smart Summon feature, allowing the car to navigate to the owner’s location, is not suitable for India. The unpredictable and congested parking scenarios make this feature unreliable and potentially hazardous.

Additional: Tesla Features India Needs

Some Tesla features could be highly beneficial in India:

  • Bioweapon Defense Mode: Ensures clean air inside the vehicle, essential in cities with high pollution levels.
  • Lightning Quick Charge Capabilities: Addresses the need for fast and efficient charging solutions.
  • Sentry Mode: Provides enhanced security by monitoring the car’s surroundings and alerting owners of any intrusion attempts.

In conclusion, while Tesla’s entry into the Indian market brings excitement, not all its features are necessary. Instead, focusing on features that enhance safety, convenience, and performance tailored to Indian conditions will ensure Tesla’s success in India.

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